Sun Salutations, Sea and Sails

Croatia Yoga Cruise June 2020

A yoga retreat together with a sailing holiday is more than a vacation.

Being on boat, traveling on a body of water, we connect to our deeper selves. There is nothing more thrilling than wind whipping through your hair. It can feel as though time has stopped, and you are enveloped with the pleasure of connection to breath, body, and the sea. 

As part of the 7 day yoga sailing holiday, you will enjoy daily yoga sessions combining physical exercises with meditation, deep relaxation, mindfulness, breathing and purification techniques, as well as lifestyle guidance to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, overall health, clarity, balance and peace.

You don’t need to be an experienced yogi to participate, you may just want to totally relax or try something new when you sail Croatia on your private yacht.

Here are 3 reasons why you will love the yoga & sailing combination

1. Awakening the senses

Being on the water quite simply awakens our senses. The smell of the sea, the sound of the waves, the feel of the water and the wind, the taste of the salt. Diving into the senses has a way of unraveling and reworking our internal wires. Plunging into a sensory journey can trigger things inside of us that have been sleeping for way too long. It can awaken our inner adventure or a sense of deep relaxation. It can heal wounds and open up a world of possibilities. In yoga, among other things, we aim to awaken all of our senses through cleaning energy channels, aligning the body, creating circulation and flexibility in all areas, making the combination of yoga and sailing the ultimate sensory experience.

2. Waking up somewhere new

As we sail along the Adriatic coast, we wake up each day in a new paradise.  Because the day to day changes constantly, yet we are fully supported with yoga, food, friends and an overarching beauty of the world, we start to awaken an ability to feel at ease even while our environment changes. This ability to wake up somewhere new cultivates a powerful curiosity in the world. that sometimes goes dormant in our urban lives that are centred so much on our routines. We also find this cultivation of curiosity running through yoga and combining the two is a powerful medicine.  

3. Being on the water lets you go with the flow

Going with the flow is synonymous with the yoga lifestyle. Being on a boat gives you no choice but to go with the flow. Going with the flow asks of us to let go of a certain amount of control, to listen to ourselves and listen to our surroundings. It evokes a sense of trusting in something larger than us. The sea is undoubtedly one of the greatest teachers of the flow. The sailors have no choice but to listen to the powerful sea, the winds, the current, the weather are all the guides. The best sea goers are the ones that listen deeply and let go fully to the great teacher that is nature.

Join me on the voyage of a lifetime!

Namaste x

Croatia Yoga Cruise

Georgina Anic